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Founded years ago with long and successful history of recruiting quality international students to the world's top universities,

with the initial motive to introduce new countries to our clients where they can have a better future. We encourage students to study abroad to enrich their personal experience for a better career either by coming back to their home country, or settling in the country they have pursued their studies.
Core values

Investing in society
Customer loyalty
Improving the organization
Love for education and Immigration
Artemus takes its’ Corporate responsibility very seriously and strives to give back to its communities.



New Zealand




Helping you take a Step Ahead

We want to offer our clients, the chance to discover new countries, such as USA, New Zealand, Germany & Canada and other countries, where the standard of living is affordable, the quality of studies is excellent and they can get a possibility to stay back after graduating.

We are the first organisation, in Mauritius which has promoted Germany as a country full of opportunities for post-secondary studies to students who learn German to benefit from "No University Fees". We are also among the leading organisations in promoting USA, Canada & New Zealand and other countries as destinations either for further studies or immigration. We also encourage our potential clients to choose other destinations which are as promising and exciting.

  • Get approval within 30 days
  • Friendly Staff
  • Constant Support
  • Financial Advice


We represent more than five countries


You can choose among 1000's of courses


We represent various institution from North America, Europe, Asia & New Zealand

Years of experience

Most of our team members have more 5 years of experience in the education sector

How we got started

We started with one office and we are now proud to have more offices across few countries and over 50 partner institutions around the world which help us in helping you. We are delighted to be surrounded by motivated students, supportive parents and dynamic staffs to make this an ideal organization.

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